Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

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Twitter user accuses the police of setting her up so she can be arrested

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A woman took to Twitter to claim police in Lagos set her up so she could get arrested and she narrated how it happened.

@bisolaaa tweeted that tankers blocked the road leading to Apapa so a police officer directed them to take “one-way” and link to Ijora because of the blocked road.

Bisola claimed they later realized it was a setup when they took the police man’s advice only to be accosted by a number of policemen who were waiting in front to arrest those taking one-way.

She revealed her driver was arrested and thrown in a “Black Maria” while she (Bisola) was taken to the Lagos State Task Force office.

She tweeted: “Currently being detained on Eko Bridge. As per usual tankers blocked the way to Apapa. A police officer directed us to go and take one-way to link Ijora as per road is blocked. Got to the front to be accosted by a battalion of police officers. A classic set up.”

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