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President Buhari-Nigerians understand there is no way we can allow religion cause division among us –

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President Buhari while speaking as he received members of the Tijjaniyya Muslim Religious Movement who visited him at the State House in Abuja on Monday November 25, expressed his wish to build a nation that is united in spite of ethnic and religious diversity. The President stated that there is mutual understanding among the followers of the two major religion in Nigeria as he lauded members of the Tijjaniyya Muslim Religious Movement who are mostly Senegalese for being peaceful.

“It is generally said that differences divide people. We in Nigeria understand that there is no way a misunderstanding can cause division among us. We are one people,” he said. “The requirements of our people, whatever religion they follow, and to whatever ethnic group they belong in Nigeria, is the same. ‘‘They need security, education and participation in an inclusive economy. On this, we are being very fair to all Nigerians” he added. Buhari urged them to convey his best wishes to Senegalese President Macky Sall, saying: “I assure you that I am very close to your president. He addresses me as  ‘Baba’ (father).’’

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