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Mixed reactions trail Osinbajo’s appeal to Nigerians

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Mixed reactions has greeted the statement by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Friday night, where he apologized to Nigerians and assured them that the federal government was working round the clock to ensure speedy police reforms.

The Vice President who has been holding meetings with stakeholders acknowledged the fact that the government could have acted quicker.

“Dear Nigerians, I know that many of you are angry, and understandably so. We could’ve moved faster and for this we are sorry,” he said on his official Twitter account.

While many Nigerians have commended Prof. Osinbajo for his gentleman approach to the #EndSARS movement, others have expressed reservations.

Reacting to the VP’s thread, @charlesclintonc said, “Left to me I believe the VP has good intentions but some certain individuals wouldn’t let him function. “If wishes were horses in sure a lot of people will ride.”

Obankie Noni said, Dear Prof. Osinbajo, this is good sir, but we’ll also like to see pictures of Polices who are guilty of killing, brutalizing citizens.”

Abunkuzah Emen shared a similar sentiment on Twitter. “@ProfOsinbajo you are a good man but many others are not and it is unfortunate that you don’t have the final say. No man does but God. Speedy action is all it takes to say Sorry. Thank you Sir,” she wrote.

Popular Nigerian actor, Yemi Solade also added his voice on Instagram. “Let’s be guided please the VP is one of the finest, polished, most articulate and responsive men in the government. I feel for him. He doesn’t deserve the angst, but encouragement from us,” he wrote.

For Sheriff, @sherrif4you, he wrote, “Thank you Sir. I believe what every Nigerians is demanding is a step you just took sir , accountability, transparency, and decentralized policing that understand the people they re policing”.

But there some negative comments too. @peresam1 said, “Sir you guys aren’t sincere, by now IGP should be resigning, did you hear of the impunities done by policemen under his watch? He is shocked but he safe guarding the elites. I haven’t seen any serious action taken by you people.”

For Rose, the timing of the VP’s message was not right. @rosemondphil_ wrote, “This step would have mattered if they were done way before now. It’s too late and milk is spilled. People are dead and cannot be brought back to life. We need justice and a complete overhaul of this government.”

But for others it is the amount of fake news making the rounds that hurt. @mertromatt said, “Fake news and hate speech has done serious damage to workings of government, it is time to come out with a good communication plan. Always make a government program that allows citizens call in. Government need to act fast in taking actions. Judiciary is not helping the country progress either,” he said.

Enny gave the VP a tip, if he is thinking of visiting any of the protest ground. “The protesters don’t have leaders so you have to speak to us at the protest grounds. Believe me sir, we will boo you at first because of the anger and disappointment but later we will listen to you because we believe and respect you. We need more than these tweets Sir,” @enny_dee said.

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