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Anita Joseph shreds Uche Elendu again:Stop letting people use you.

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Anita Joseph has continued her call-out post which is directed at her best friend and colleague Uche Elendu, who she first called out via an Instagram video she shared on Sunday November 24. 

LIB reported earlier that Anita said Uche Elendu got crossed with her after she modelled the hair of another brand. She also revealed that the BFF she has known for over 9 years is on the bad side of so many people because she is always quarelling with everyone around her.

In what seems to be a direct response to claims of Uche Elendu not being bothered about her modelling for other brands and opening a boutique, the actress warned against allowing users in one’s life. 

Anita Joseph wrote “Stop letting people use you stop that shit …I’ve known you over 9years and you advised me to open up a boutique if I want yet you have a big one oh .. knowing you will lose your big customer and model

“Yet you don’t mind chai 
I model for you and I still model for over 30clothing brands you still do not mind ….. You don’t mind because the sky is big enough to contain everyone that’s how life should be…. Choi I chop life ana aga agaaaa 
Na persn Wey I don know for 3years plus go come Dictate my life and how I should run it okwa ya ..taaa gba‘ na ofia 
Make I carry my grace and goodluck charm go”

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