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7 Things You Should Know About Paternity DNA Testing

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Conversations about DNA testing have been trending on social media for days, in light of an adulterous affair involving the managing director of a bank and his subordinate. The affair resulted in the birth of two children.

Here are things you need to know about DNA testing:

  1. DNA Test was invented in 1985 according to Time magazine.
  2. There are two parts to the DNA test; sample collection, testing and analysis.
  3. Samples can be collected at home; a swap of the insides of the cheeks, hair, nails or blood.
  4. A child’s parent can order a DNA test.
  5. If the child is 18 years old, they need to consent to the DNA test.
  6. DNA tests can be carried out for the purpose of child support, social inheritance, immigration or any other legal reasons.
  7. Apart from establishing paternity, DNA testing can reveal hereditary diseases and conditions.

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