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N-Power: What FG Action Would Do To Nigeria

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An N-Power Tech Software trainee (Southern region), Natimi Philomena has said that the Development Training Program received will “take Nigeria far” as it is “a plus” to the Government of the country.

Speaking about the opportunities and benefits of the component of the N-Power scheme for Nigerian youths and its effect on the nation, Philomena stated that empowering the youth in the Information and Communications Tecnology (ICT) sector is an asset.

“It (N-Power Tech Software training) will not just help the youth, but it will also help the government to go far in terms of development and the information aspect.

“It is believed that the society we find ourselves is a little bit backwards in Information Technology, so empowering the youth is a plus to the youth and even to the government because it would take Nigeria far,” she explained.

Natimi Philomena, one of the @npower_ng Software Development Training Program (Southern region), talks about the opportunities and benefits of the #NPowerTech programme for Nigerian youths and the effect on the country.

— adeda (@tosinadeda) November 13, 2019

N-Power: All You Need To Know About N-Tech Software Programme

One of N-Power programmes, the N-Tech is basically for developers. N-Tech will train and position 10,000 hands-on software developers for the local and international software development market.

Participants will undergo a project-based model to training wherein they will be exposed to foundational software development tools as well as resources to thrive as a modern day software developer-entrepreneur.

The programme will seek to establish the foundation knowledge, tools and platform upon which participants can pursue a career as software development entrepreneurs.

Training will last 11 weeks and culminate with job fairs to link participants with placement opportunities within their respective localities, the presidency said.

Also, it will offer a continuity platform to support participants with learning and engagement opportunities on a continuous basis. They will be enabled with a device to continue the practice and exploration of opportunities after training.

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